about bill white
about bill white
Name: Bill White
Age: Ageless
Birthday: November 23
MFA: The American Film Institute (Director Fellow)
MA: San Francisco State University (cinema, anthropology)
BA: University of Minnesota (Major: psychology, Minors: anthropology, photography)
Favorite vacation: France, Switzerland & Italy
Favorite book: Among Stone Giants by Dr. Jo Anne Van Tilburg 
Favorite movie: Citizen Kane, 2001, North By Northwest, The 400 Blows. 
Favorite quote: Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.” ~Albert Einstein
live the golden rule
Bill White’s Education:
MFA Degree: Director Fellow
BA Degree: Psychology, Anthropology and Photography
Certificate in Archaeology completion expected soon
Post grad studies in film , photography and art

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Easter Island


Little Lake Rock Art


Directors Guild of America (DGA)
Academy of TV Arts and Sciences (ATAS)
Film Independent (FIND)
International Documentary Association (IDA)
Former Board Member of Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP)
Independent Writers of So Cal
Valley Professionals

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Bill White’s Biography

Bill White is a director, writer, producer, cameraman and photographer. He has directed and produced numerous award-winning documentaries, TV commercials, TV shows, short movies, music videos, personal profiles, business videos, and photographs for more than 20 years.


Bill White has directed, produced, co-produced, written, shot and/or edited more than 35 documentaries on a wide variety of topics. Many have been on television or shown at symposiums.

Several have won important awards, including an EMMY Award for the Indian Occupation of Wounded Knee that Bill shot and edited for WCCO-TV in Minneapolis, and the Ben Franklin Historical Documentary Award for “Test Flights: Beyond the Limits”, which Bill shot and co-produced with Vision Films.

Bill White’s documentary projects include:

Hard-hitting investigative journalism

Archaeology and anthropology videos

Profiles of celebrities and notable people

Topical issues and news

Educational and entertainment videos

Bill White’s documentaries include:

CROSSROADS OF CULTURES: The Rock Art at Little Lake, California. Shown at several important archaeology presentations, including at the UCLA Archaeology Department and at the Matarango Museum in Ridgecrest, Ca.

AMONG STONE GIANTS: The Amazing Story of Katherine Routledge on Easter Island. Shown at the National Geographic Society in Washington D.C. VIEW: See it at www.whitelightpictures.com and click on “documentaries”.

THE MOAI OF EASTER ISLAND. Shown at a symposium on the South Pacific in Santiago, Chile.

BILLY HARNEY, ABORIGINAL ARTIST. A modern day Aboriginal artist makes rock art, digiridoos and more in northern Australia.

TEST FLIGHTS: BEYOND THE LIMITS. Shown on The Wings Channel and The Learning Channel. Award Winner: The Ben Franklin Historical Documentary Award. VIEW: See a bit of it at www.whitelightpictures.com and click on “documentaries” or “TV Shows”.

DENALI NATIONAL PARK. Editor and co-writer. Shown on The Discovery Channel.

THE ROCK ART AT FOXTROT. The incredible, never before seen rock art on the U S Marine Base near 29 Palms, Ca.

LISTENING TO THE LOOM. A Navajo weaver makes blankets that tell stories. VIEW: See a portion of it at www.whitelightpictures.com and click on “documentaries”.

THE MICHEANGELO OF THE SOUTHWEST. A Zuni painter creates controversial giant Kachina figures on the walls of a 400 year old Christian Church in Zuni, NM.

THE AMERICAN INDIAN MOVEMENT OCCUPIES WOUNDED KNEE. This multi-award winning documentary, including an EMMY Award, was shown on WCCO-TV in Minneapolis. Footage from it was shown on CBS Nightly News.

TV Commercials

Bill White has directed more than 200 television commercials.

VIEW: See a few of Bill White’s commercials at www.whitelightpictures.com. Click on “commercials” if they do not start playing right away.

More than twenty have won ADDY Awards and three have been nominated for CLIO Awards.

Many of his commercials are especially memorable because of their gentle humor, while others are special because of the exceptionally effective delivery from celebrity spokespeople, including Ed McMahon, Dick Clark, Carol Burnett, Betty White, Joan Chen, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Billy Blanks, Jackie Joyner, David Caruso, David Birney, and Monty Hall.

All of Bill White’s commercials have been very successful for his clients, many of whom return to him again and again.

Bill White’s commercials include:

Globe Life Insurance

United American Insurance

Liberty Insurance

American Family Publishers

Mannington Floors

Tyco Toys

Ruud Heating and Air Conditioning

Zsa Zsa Gabor’s My Formula

Kayla Beverly Hills Beauty Products

Toyota Dealers

Buick Dealers

Hollywood Federal Savings and Loan

Union Bank

Liberty National Bank

CBS Electronics

Gumby Toys

Santa Anita Race Track

Nature’s Gold Beauty Products

Vital Care Beauty Products

Biographical Videos

Bill White has produced about twenty five mini-documentaries on notable people. These short biographies are often about important Honorees for various non-profit events.

Some of the Biographies include:

PAM DAWBER, national spokesperson for Big Brothers Big Sisters. I interviewed Pam Dawber, as well as the CEOs of Big Brothers and Big Sisters. VIEW: See it at www.whitelightpictures.com and click on “Personal Profiles”.

CHRISTIE HEFNER, CEO of Playboy Enterprises, honored by Associates of Breast Cancer Research. I interviewed HUGH HEFNER among others. VIEW: See it at www.whitelightpictures.com and click on “Personal Profiles”.

TOM WERNER, TV Producer, Carsey Werner Mandabach, I interviewed him at a construction site on behalf of Habitat for Humanity. VIEW: See it at www.whitelightpictures.com and click on “Personal Profiles”.

Others include:

KATHLEEN KENNEDY, producer of “War of the Worlds” , “Munich”, and “Seabiscuit”. I interviewed her and DENISE DI NOVI, producer of “Little Women” and “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

JOHN SPENCER, actor “West Wing”. I interviewed HARRSON FORD on Spencer’s behalf for Phoenix House.

MARTIN SHEEN, actor, “West Wing”. I interviewed FATHER “DOLLAR BILL”, of the Venice Family Center, and various HOMELESS PEOPLE, for Phoenix House.

David Arquette, actor. I interviewed his wife COURTNEY COX ARQUETTE, actor on “Friends”, and ROSANNA ARQUETTE.

TUPAC SHAKUR, singer/songwriter. I edited his videos and various interviews into a fund raising video for his Foundation.

The children of RAFER JOHNSON, Olympic Decathalon champion. I interviewed Rafer and his wife, Betsy, for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

GIL CATES, producer “The Oscars”. I interviewed BEAU BRIDGES, JASON ALEXANDER, and Dr. JUDITH REICHMAN, Gil’s wife and “The Today Show” medical advisor.

SIDNEY SHELDON, author/TV producer. I interviewed LARRY KING and ARMY ARCHERD on Mr. Sheldon’s behalf for the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce.

WOLFGANF PUCK, Chef, I interveiwed DON RICKLES on his behalf for the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce.

KARL MALONE, Laker’s Basketball player. I interviewed Dr. JERRY BUSS, and Karl’s wife on Karl’s behalf for Big Brothers Big Sisters.


Bill White has written and directed twelve short movies. Six have won awards in various film festivals, including the Columbus Film Festival, the Marin Film Festival, The Pacific Film Archive, The Atlanta Film Festival, and the San Francisco State University Best Student Films.

Three recent short movies are:

“Skullduggery”. In 1542 AD, the first Spanish conquistador in southern California digs up Chumash Indian graves looking for buried gold, Suddenly, he is confronted by an Indian who is intent on stopping him. Official Selection for the Columbus Film festival. VIEW: See it at www.whitelightpictures.com and click on “Films”.

“Meet Cute”. An eager young salesman tries to strike up a conversation with an attractive graduate student in a museum.

“MoonShot”. A grandfather tries to explain why there are phases of the moon, and that the earth goes around the sun, not vice versa, to his 8 year old skeptical grandson.

TV Shows

Bill White has directed, co-written and/or co-produced many television shows and pilots.

White was a director / producer for several years at KCOP-TV in Los Angeles. There he directed many multi-camera talk shows, music shows, comedy shows, magic shows, children’s shows, and sports shows. He was also the production manger for the game show “Jokers Wild”, and he directed the pilot episode for David Sheehan’s film critic show.

For several years, White was a cameraman / editor and then a director / producer for a “60 Minutes” style, magazine format, TV show at WCCO-TV in Minneapolis called “Moore On Sunday”. There he was involved in the production of numerous documentaries and investigative journalism segments on a wide variety of topics.

Recent shows include:

“Honeymoon Adventures” for the Travel Channel, which featured a honeymooning couple on an Alaska Cruise, including a helicopter ride onto magnificent glaciers.

Test Flights: Beyond the Limits. The history of flight research at NASA, it is shown on The Wings Channel and The Learning Channel. Award Winner: The Ben Franklin Historical Documentary Award. VIEW: See it at www.whitelightpictures.com and click on “TV Shows”.

Denali National Park. Shown on The Discovery Channel.

Music Videos

Bill White has directed several music videos, including three videos for the inspirational music of DON STEWART.

He and cameraman David West shot a great video of GUS GUS during a live performance.

White has directed multi-camera music concerts, including one of BOBBIE NORMAN.

White has been the assistant director for music videos for the rock group BERLIN and the pop group WET PICNIC.

Recently White was Harry Kooperstein’s assistant director for a live concert at the HOLLYWOOD BOWL.

White directed two, hour long pilot episodes of “WIN THE JAM”, a music show where hot new bands compete for prizes and a recording contract.

Business Films

Bill White has directed, written and produced many films and videos for corporations and businesses, as well as non-profit organizations. He often uses gentle humor to help make the videos more memorable and effective.

Some of his clients include:

Del Taco restaurants

The Times Mirror Corporation

The 3M Company

Arctic Cat Snowmobiles

Meals On Wheels

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Our House, a bereavement support center

The Wellness Community, a cancer support center

Crown Bolt home improvement products

The Fullfillment Fund

Habitat For Humanity


Bill White writes screenplays, TV series proposals, documentaries, TV commercials and books.

His screenplay Window of Peace was a quarterfinalist in the Nicholl screenplay competition in 2007. Though none have yet been produced as a feature film or TV series, several of his projects have been optioned by Hollywood production companies.

Bill White is one of several co-authors, and is the principal photographer, on a forthcoming book on the rock art at Little Lake in the Eastern Sierras. Titled “Captured Visions: The Rock Art at Little Lake”, it will be published by UCLA in 2008. White is one of about a dozen volunteers who have conducted extensive research at the site for the last 9 years. The research has been led by Dr. Jo Anne Van Tilburg, the Director of the UCLA Rock Art Archive, as well as the founder and director of the Easter Island Statue Project.

He has written several articles for magazines, and is often involved in the concept and scripts for his TV commercials. 


Most of Bill White’s projects are edited by professional freelance editors, such as Ty Thompson or Yumiko Yamada Goller.

Most of the projects are edited with Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Express, though many have been edited on Avid.


Bill White was fortunate to initially learn photography from his father, Hubert White, who was a very accomplished amateur photographer. Hubert was the President of the St. Paul Photography Association for several years.

Bill White studied photography as an undergraduate before he majored in film as a graduate student.

He was and continues to be a professional and fine art photographer.

Recently, one of his photos from Easter Island was selected for a publication written by Dr. Jo Anne Van Tilburg for the British Museum.

Several of his photos will be included in a UCLA Archaeology Department publication on the rock art at Little Lake.

Many of White’s photos can be seen on websites for the UCLA Rock Art Archive, The Easter Island Statue Project, and the Chimu (Peru) excavation website of Dr. Carol Mackey.

White’s fine art photos are often available at the Soho/Lurie Gallery in Studio City. Also available at Soho Gallery are some of Hubert White’s photos from New York City.

White often his photos in his documentaries.


Bill White loves to teach film and video production, fine art photography, visual journalism, and creative writing.

Currently he teaches Visual Journalism (photography and video), Creative Writing, and News Writing part-time at California State University Fullerton.

He taught Organizational Communications at Cal Stae Dominguez Hills in 2007.

For more than five years Bill White taught fine art photography and video production at The Learning Tree University.

He has taught seminars at The Learning Annex and Video Expo.

In addition to bringing his extensive production experience to the classroom, White has a master’s degree in cinema from San Francisco State University and was a Directing Fellow at The American Film Institute, where he earned his MFA.  He also studied film, photography and art as an undergraduate student at the University of Minnesota and as a post-graduate student at Northern Michigan University.

Archaeology and Anthropology

Two of Bill White’s major passions are archaeology and anthropology. He is especially intrigued by rock art, meaning the petroglyphs (etchings) and pictographs (paintings) that Native people have created throughout the world for thousands of years.

He is also enamored with the magnificent giant statues on Easter Island.

White has assisted internationally renowned Dr. Jo Anne Van Tilburg, the founder and director of the Easter Island Statue Project,  and her volunteer team, in documenting, photographing and videotaping the statues on Easter Island.

Dr. Jo Anne Van Tilburg is also the Director of the Rock Art Archive in the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA. With about a dozen other volunteers, White helps Dr. Van Tilburg document various rock art sites in Southern California, especially at Little Lake.

White recently spent a month in Peru photographing many of the ceramic artifacts that National Geographic’s Dr. Carol Mackey’s team has excavated at a major Chimu site called Farfan.

Several years ago, White accompanied the remarkable Dr. Karen Saenz and her team to some spectacular rock sites in northern Australia, where several Aborigine artists shared their knowledge and art with the American visitors. 

With Professor Vanessa Vogel, White has produced two documentaries on Native American artists. One is a Navajo weaver and the other is a Zuni painter.

White is trying to find time to finish his thesis project for a Certificate in Archaeology at UCLA, which will be a video comparing and contrasting world rock art.


Bill White received a BA in psychology, with minors in anthropology and art (photography), at the University of Minnesota. He studied art, photography and film at Northern Michigan University, and received his Master of Arts degree from the acclaimed film department at San Francisco State University.

There, among other film subjects, White studied Visual Anthropology, the use of film and photography as applied to anthropology, under the tutelage of famed visual anthropology pioneer, Dr. John Adair.

White was a Directing Fellow at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, where he wrote and directed 3 short narrative films. He is developing one of them into a feature length movie.


About Bill White