Katherine Routledge on Easter Island - The first archaeologist on Easter Island spends several tumultuous years on there. Shown at the National Geographic Society in Washington DC. 

Crossroads of Culture - A fascinating look at the amazing Rock Art at Little Lake, CA.    Co-Produced with Dr. Jo Anne Van Tilburg, Director, UCLA Rock Art Archive. Shown at UCLA SYMPOSIUMS

The Michealangelo of the Southwest - The Incredible story of Zuni artist Alex Seatwatu  who has spent his life painting huge, highly controversial Kachina figures on the walls of the oldest Christian Church in New Mexico - For proposed TV series on Native Artists


The Indian Occupation at Wounded Knee - The inside story of how and why Indians occupied the site of the last “battle” by Dakota Indians - EMMY AWARD Winner - shown on WCCO-TV in Minneapolis - Parts of it shown on CBS News

“The Rock Art at the Twenty Nine Palms US Marine Base”. Dr. Jo Anne Van Tilburg, Director of the UCLA Rock Art Archive, led more than a dozen volunteers as they documented  thousands of rock art elements at “Foxtrot”, a remote area on the Twenty Nine Palms US Marine Base.

Bill White’s Documentaries

“Saving the Moai, the Giant Stone Statues on Easter Island” Co-produced with Dr. Jo Anne Van Tilburg, Founder and Director, The Easter Island Statue Project. Bill White shot and edited the video.

“The pen is mightier than the sword

but the documentary is mightier than the pen.” Bill White

“Test Flights: Beyond the Limits”- A three hour series on The Past, Present and Future of NASA’s flight  research programs. Bill White co-produced “Test Flights” with Vision Films. Bill White was also the primary cameraman on it.  “Test Flights” has been shown on TLC (The Learning Channel) and The DISCOVERY WINGS CHANNEL

Bill White produced, co-filmed and edited this documentary about the Joy of Soaring. It was one of about thirty episodes that Bill White shot, edited and sometimes produced for a very popular TV show, "Moore On Sunday" in the Twin Cities on WCCO-TV. The show was essentially a local version of "60 Minutes".

Listening to the Loom” - Navajo Weaver Marie Shawn demonstrates how her weavings tell fascinating stories. Produced by Bill White and Vanessa Vogel for a proposed TV series on Native Artists. Bill White shot and edited the video.