Movie Shorts
Bill White has written, directed and produced many short comedy and dramatic movies. Eight have won film festival awards. Here are some of his favorites.

Mixed Nuts:  An African American father introduces his eighteen year old daughter, whom he has not seen since she was three, to his new wife, who is Caucasian. The daughter becomes very angry because he married outside his race.

MoonShot: An 8 year old asks his grandfather why Neil Armstrong doesn’t launch his  moon rocket when the moon is full so he will have a bigger target. When the grandfather’s explanation seems unlikely, the boy’s Mom supplies a satisfactory, though fanciful, explanation.

Meet Cute: An attractive archaeology grad student turns down the advances of a persistent salesman so she can pursue her studies, but there may be a lot more going on.

Skullduggery: The first Spanish Conquistador in California looks for gold in a Chumash Indian cemetery and then fights an Indian who tries to protect the sacred burial ground.