TV shows

“Denali National Park”. Co-writer and editor. Discovery Channel.

“Honeymoon Adventures” Newlyweds cruise beautiful Alaska and ride a helicopter to stunning glaciers. The Travel Channel.

KCOP-TV, Los Angeles: More than forty, multi-camera comedy, talk, music, kids, cooking, sports, magic, health and game shows. Director, producer, sometimes co-writer. The shows aired nationally and on KCOP, KTLA, KTTV, and KABC. Production manager for Jokers Wild, a nationally syndicated game show. 

WCCO-TV, Minneapolis-St. Paul. “Moore-On-Sunday”, a local version of "60 Minutes". Cameraman-editor for more than 25 episodes and a producer of some episodes for the highest rated show in the Twin Cities. Numerous awards, including Emmy Awards. The American Indian Movement Occupation of Wounded Knee; Being Gay in a Straight World; Mary Tyler Moore; The Joy of Soaring; The Battle Over a Hand Gun Bill;

“Let’s Do Lunch” Pilot for a talk show about life in Los Angeles. With mother-daughter Pat and Sue Delaney.

Bill White’s TV Shows

“How Do They Do That?” starring Ed McMahon. Bill White  produced, directed and co-wrote a series of these one minute interstitials.

“Test Flights: Beyond the Limits”. A three part series about NASA’S flight research program past, present and future. Bill White co-produced this very successful series with Vision Films. Bill White was also the lead cameraman. “Test Flights” has been shown on TLC and Discovery’s Wings Channel for more than five years.

“The Joy of Soaring”. Bill White produced, co-filmed and edited this documentary about the joy of soaring. It was one of about thirty episodes that Bill White shot, edited and sometimes produced for a very popular TV show, "Moore On Sunday" in the Twin Cities on WCCO-TV. The show was essentially a local version of "60 Minutes".